E-mail Instructions

If you want to email me, just click on the link below. However, that link will not work for you evil spammers.

See, all of these unethical sub-human types use automated scripts and such to "harvest" email addresses from websites, Usenet newsgroups, etc. Then they just spam the heck out of you, and lately try to kill your systems with attached viruses.

I can't tell you how many times I've gotten an email from someone I don't know with the text message "I send you this file for your consideration." And you just know the attached file is full of viruses. So naturally, being Internet savvy, I don't open it. It just gets deleted from the computer. It all boils down to not opening any email from people you don't know. And even if you get a file from someone you do know, check it for viruses before opening it. It's just common sense.

So... if you want to email me, go right ahead:

And when I get your email, I'll be pretty sure it's not spam.