Astronomy Articles

Here you will find articles that I have written over the years on a variety of astronomical subjects. Most of them were published locally. I do not make the assumption that I am an expert on these subjects, but have written them with the facts and knowledge I had available at the time. If there are any factual errors, I apologize.

Click on any of the articles below to read them. If you would like comments are welcome.

2001: Space Science vs. Space Science Fiction

Apollo 11 - Reminiscing About July 20, 1969

Catching Halley's Comet

***NEW!*** Chasing the “Great American Eclipse” ***NEW!***

The Great Frozen Lunar Eclipse Adventure

Observing Behind the Front

Reflections Under A Starry Sky

The Rise & Fall Of Lunar Observing

Saving and Sharing the Night Skies

I have also posted the following articles by other people I know in the local astronomical community. I take no responsibility for the content or factuality of these articles.

Calendars and the New Millennium

Guide to the Messier Marathon

Over the Hill - The Eta Geminorum Caper

Strange Light Phenomena During Perseid Meteor Showers